Searching for highly integrated valve remote control systems?

S-Two is an experienced specialist company of complex valve control systems and supports the strategy of Hoppe Marine to expend its leading role within this field.

70 Years of Marine Precision

70 Years of Marine Precision

In 1949 the German engineer Hans Hugo Karl Hoppe founded the company Hoppe Bordmesstechnik. His business idea was to deliver precise instruments and measuring equipment that could exactly determine the speed and power of seagoing vessels. Many technical inventions and patents for on-board measuring systems have characterized the work-life of Hans Hoppe. Today Hoppe is a family-owned group of companies with a global presence. In many years of organic growth, the company started businesses in various maritime markets to cater to globalized shipbuilding. Combined with countless inventions and patents Hoppe has reached a leading position in several maritime business areas like marine digitalization.

The company‘s continued passion for technology and the permanent motivation to deliver customer-oriented products and services have been the keys to its success. The combination of seven decades of engineering know-how, sustainable on-board experiences with the continuous development of new technologies has made Hoppe a major player in the digitalization process of the marine industry. A key demand of today‘s maritime data acquisition is the exact validation of a large number of a ship‘s operational and nautical measurements after receiving them onshore. Hoppe offers you a convenient one-stop solution with high data quality on-board and superior analysis ashore.

With over 70 years of experience and more than 7,000 installations, Hoppe Marine can be the trusted technology partner in the vessels digitalization process and helps relieve the owners and operators technical personnel. As we have always done and always will do.

Hoppe Marine expands its expertise in complex and highly integrated remote valve controls with the acquisition of S-two’s business. To date, Hoppe Marine has equipped more than 1700 seagoing vessels with valve control systems in various forms (pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electric)

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